Global & Innovative Talent Management Services

We are offering

An innovative approach to mobility in a fast-changing world

Talent Search

Expertise in Talent acquisition, for new assignments abroad, or replacement of Talents already abroad.

Talent Move & Co

Support every company’s strategies: development, project management, organization design, M&A or structuring projects… from origination to resolution.

Talent Advisory

Manage your international mobility, either within the contractual framework of a secondment, expatriation or work contract. Outsource your company’s mobility, either through your own dedicated structure or through Talent House hosted structure.


Choose us

Attract talents to build efficient teams

Database of qualified resources
Knowledge in industries (shipping, logistics, chemical, construction, …)
A network of own professionals and cross partnerships

Manage international talents and career path through real talent follow-up

A Deep-dive assessment
No distance, proximity
Appropriate means of connection (click, call, connect)

Support companies in terms of global strategy, thanks to our team of experts

A style, an approach, an achievement

Save inhouse resource costs and optimize organization

A case-by-case, country-by-country approach

Provide legal security for new market exploration and talents abroad as well as liability to negotiate with local authorities

All our proposals are legally secured in labor law and tax law by a law firm

An end-to-end solution for a one Stop Shop

Deal with all aspects of mobility with a single contact: Talent House (moving, visa, accommodation, school, etc.)
Offer a complete journey
Make it fast, simple and easy

Offer digital tools and Applications

Whatever the device, the possibility as an employee to have all his data and the company a complete follow-up of employees abroad

They trust us