Talent House

We have never talked so much about mobility, travel, business and studies, but there have never been so many legal, fiscal and administrative constraints that slow down this mobility.

Talent House promises to enable mobility from any country to any country and to facilitate exchanges.

Talent House supports companies as well as freelancers with leading partners

Our ambition is to support international talent in terms of legal and tax issues, compensation, training and personal development.


Specialist in international talent management, supports companies in their global strategy.

We focus on identifying talent to build effective teams for companies.

We manage international talent and their career paths through assessment, coaching, dedicated expert teams, and innovative digital solutions.

We guarantee savings on internal resources and optimisation of company organisation.

Through Talent House, we provide legal security for exploring new markets and talent abroad, as well as the ability to negotiate with local authorities.


Talent House, an end-to-end solution with a single point of contact.

Our Values


Collaboration & Co-Operation